One Panel #258-260: Quality's Great Splash Panels

Quality Comics really did offer quality. Just look at the splash/title panels on some of their strips...
From The Ray: "Cadava the Crumbler" by Lou Fine (as E.Lectron), Smash Comics #15 (October 1940)

I don't think I even have to say anything, except that the Quality artists really did put in extra effort, and were given little credit (just look at the pseudonyms in each of these).

From Doll Man: "The Laughing Puppeteer" by Lou Fine (as William Erwin Maxwell), Feature Comics #37 (October 1940)

Lou Fine again. Do we sense a pattern emerging?

From Sally O'Neil, Policewoman: "Barry Gilmore Returns" by Toni Blum and Chuck Mazoujian (as Frank Kearns), National Comics #4 (October 1940)

I could almost have done a Freedom Fighters theme, but Mazoujian out-Eisners Will Eisner in this issue. Eisner's Uncle Sam splash is ordinary, while the way Mazoujian creates the Sally O'Neill's logo seems almost taken out of The Spirit (who had recently started appearing in newspapers, though I don't know enough about it to say if Eisner was already doing the cool logo work).