Dial A for Autodial

In addition to the heroes covered in Dial H #14, the issue also has the Dial Bunch member known as Dwan, turn into many heroes for the span of a single panel. This is because his Autodial is broken and keeps forcing transformations from moment to moment. We don't get a LOT of time with these characters, but I've selected the clearest to get the usual treatment

Case 92: Dial H #14
Dial Holders: Dwan
Dial Type: Autodial
Dialing: The Autodial presumably calls up a hero when needed, not when specifically dialed, but in this case, it's broken - it keeps dialing every few seconds. Sometimes, the identity lasts longer; at one point, Dwan spends an entire fight as a giant jellyfish. Sometimes, the change is accompanied by an explosion of light, sometimes not. This may have something to do with whether or not the hero is in action or just standing around.
Name: Vellum (it was either that or Origami)
Look: A man made of yellowish folded paper.
Powers: Unclear. Presumably, he was able to fold himself into different shapes. Perhaps those shapes have special powers corresponding to the shape (a crane could fly, for example).
Sighted: Fighting the Bark Fly in an underground world inhabited by sentient frogs.
Possibilities: Another of those familiars, created by some enchanter and later given free will, either through its master's death, accidentally or as a gift. What his role in the DCU would then be is unclear, probably just as a mystical team or hero's majordomo/head of security.
Integration Quotient: 20% (heroes that are actually objects are difficult to integrate)
Name: Good Bus (feels like there was a better word play here)
Look: A curved yellow school bus with arms and legs. Its front bumper is the mouth.
Powers: Unclear. Obviously, such a being would have all the powers of a bus - speed, strength, toughness and the ability to carry screaming kids to destination.
Sighted: Fighting the Bark Fly in an underground world inhabited by sentient frogs.
Possibilities: An old bus is decommissioned, but the spirits of all those kids for all those years has given it sentience. It's a haunted bus, cousin to the Haunted Tank in some ways. Star of a parody story, but unlikely to ever be seen again.
Integration Quotient: 10% (like I just said)
Name: The Flummox (I would omit the "The", but regardless sounds like a Dr. Seuss creation)
Costume: A red and blue spandex uniform. Instead of a head, he has a number of curly question marks floating above his neck.
Powers: Unclear. Presumably, the ability to perplex and bewilder.
Sighted: Having just defeated the Bark Fly in an underground world inhabited by sentient frogs.
Possibilities: His very presence is confounding, but that's not a very dramatic power. So let's go with the question mark motif, and the mystery that implies. The Flummox confused, yes, but he uses that confusion to walk through crime scenes, drawn to crimes that are stranger and more mystifying than himself. A few days later, the solution is dropped in the police's laps. They never really know what happened, only that the crime is solved. It's like Grant Morrison's Question, or something. I predict this series is cancelled after 6 issues.
Integration Quotient: 30% (has potential, but not as a superhero series)
Name: Rock-Paper-Scissors (the three-in-one hero!)
Costume: Just black leather pants. Otherwise, this golden-skinned, noseless, hairless alien heroine is bare-chested (but does not appear to have nipples on her breasts). She carries large scissors in her belt, a rock and a piece of paper in her hands. Her lipstick is dark and glossy.
Powers: Unclear. Obviously, she can use each of the three items as weapons. It would make sense that she would specifically use them to counter an opponent's move, wrapping blunt attacks, breaking sharp attacks, and cutting enfolding attacks, for example.
Sighted: Having just defeated the Bark Fly in an underground world inhabited by sentient frogs.
Possibilities: Do they have rock-paper-scissors on other planets? Okay, well, let's say she comes to Earth, she mistakenly notes one conflict resolved with this method, and thinks that's how we always do things. Salvaging parts from her crashed saucer, she crafts three items of surprising power and guest-stars in some comic or other.
Integration Quotient: 30% (I like the idea, but probably too silly for repeat appearances)
Name: Medusan (unnamed, taking my cue from a jellyfish's French name)
Look: A giant translucent jellyfish who speaks in odd poetic tones.
Powers: Levitation and the application of electrical shocks with its tendrils.
Sighted: At the Metacastle, rescuing Dial Bunch during zombie apocalypse.
Possibilities: A hero of the ocean, a super-evolved jellyfish of some kind (I knew Aquaman's piscine telepathy would eventually bring sentience to those touched), and so might make appearances in the King of the Seven Seas' book, if nowhere else.
Integration Quotient: 40% (in limited doses)

Bonus Dwan Identities:
Other heroes dialed include: Silica Jill (it's inferred that she can desiccate an opponent and ruin its joints), the Kenner, VerMouth, King Coil (first dialed in House of Mystery #163), an unnamed lightbulb-headed guy (vaguely reminiscent of Robbie the Robot), and that eyeball fella above, unnamed.

Next: Tackling the last issue.



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