Dial G for Gear, J for Jump

As promised, we take a look at the Dial Bunch (Wild Bunch? get it?), a multiversal team of dialers Roxie and Nelson join at the end of Dial H #12. In #13, the non-dialer Open-Window Man gives us their backstory and explains just what the heck is happening (sort of) pointing us in the direction of this book's third and final act. In addition to him and Bansa, a former dialer with a sense for tracking Dials and thus, the Fixer who is trying to destroy them, these are:
By the end of the issue, the group has acquired the Fixer's old J-Dial. It had been taken by Captain Random from the Land of Living Graffiti when he stole hers. Only with Open-Window Man's powers are the Dial Bunch able to rescue it from the two-dimensional universe. In other words, strap it y'all, it's about to get weirder...

Case 90: Dial H #12-13
Dial Holders: The Dial Bunch
Dial Type: J-Dial, G-Dial, Bansa's H-Dial, Yaaba's H-Dial, Dial-Tapper, Autodialer, Unbled's broken Dial
Dialing: There are more than just H-Dials in the multiverse, blown all over by the War in the Exchange, most if not all of them damaged in some way. Those used by the Dial Bunch include: Yaaba's H-Dial, found in a tree in Africa, apparently works like the Dials we know; Nem's G-Dial can call up random artifacts and vehicles (quickly and consecutively when needed); Ejad's Dial-Tapper copies any H-Dial in range, which means it doubles up on a hero; Dwan's Autodialer is jammed so that he keeps changing identity from moment to moment, with no control (presumably, an Autodialer reacts to situations and does not require physical dialing); Unbled's broken Dial, found in Hell, only summons half-ruined versions of its heroes; and Bansa's H-Dial, the use of which she has renounced, steals the powers of heroes (as per the Antique Sundial and the Phone Booth Dial), but apparently, it is rare for Dials to do this - most Dials only borrow them. The J-Dial allows a group of people to move between worlds. Yabba is aware that a Dial hero once won the day despite being a rag doll, a reference to Vicki Grant as Raggedy Doll in Adventures of Superboy #43-44.
Name: Rustwork (Dwan; it's a good name, if not highly heroic)
Look: A robotic woman made of bronze gears and clock faces, very steampunk.
Powers: Presumably, being a robot, even a rusty one, has its advantages, but Rustwork can also fire blasts that rust anything metal.
Sighted: In Ottawa, fighting the Fixer.
Possibilities: Built in the age of Steampunk, she survives to this day and despite her poor condition, is awakened to fight the good fight once again. Maybe as a member of the Metal Men? Like they've found a long-lost ancestor, built around a wax cylinder responsometer.
Integration Quotient: 75% (I like my idea a whole lot)
Name: The Surrealist (Yabba; not actually named)
Costume: A simple, if heavy-looking, three-piece suit with a bowler hat.
Powers: Creating strange star-like objects that make an "odradek" sound and completely confuse an opponent who will immediately try to make sense of them. The Odradek is a creature exactly as pictured from a Kafka story (The Cares of a Family Man) which has mystified scholars. Miéville would return to this idea in his recent novella, The Last Days of New Paris, and so potentially, the character could bring into being other pieces of surrealist art.
Sighted: In Ottawa, fighting the Fixer.
Possibilities: One would hope the character's abilities are more versatile. Best seen as a modern-day magic-user/illusionist (he doesn't wear a costume) who deals with Neil Gaimany things in Neil Gaimany London.
Integration Quotient: 30% (easy to integrate IF there's more there than what we see)
Name: Caryatid (Unbled; it's a kind of Greek column that looks like a woman)
Look: A reddish, living, caryatid column. Essentially, a woman in a toga with a flat platform on her head.
Powers: The ability to wedge doors closed by butting her head gear against it. The fact it hurts is probably down to Unbled's dial being broken. The square plate on her head is bullet proof; the rest of her may or may not be.
Sighted: In Ottawa, fighting the Fixer.
Possibilities: Ancient Greece. A curse. The intervention of a god. Life. And then a pretty remedial career as a member of Hero Hotline's night shift. (Hey, if that's where Zeep the Living Sponge ended up...).
Integration Quotient: 10% (too silly by far)
Name: Captain Sand (Dwan; hero of the beach?)
Costume: Blue striped speedos and a metal pail over his head with eye holes cut out. He carries a small green plastic shovel.
Powers: Unknown. Presumably, he can manifest sand and shovel it in any direction.
Sighted: In Ottawa, as a member of the Dial Bunch. (Dwan also manifests a character called Magman, but the show of him is pretty obscured.)
Possibilities: DC's answer to Forbush Man? Or Ma Hunkel's descendant? Tornadoes, sand storms, it could all be connected. Or even a failed Flex Mentallo situation.
Integration Quotient: 20% (another silly idea, though one not without its connections to the DCU)

Next: Nelson dials again!



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