One Panel #331-333: Strip Survey (1941, Part 4)

Completing our survey of the contents of what would become DC Comics, as things were in January 1941...
From Captain Marvel: "Sivana's Ghostly Power" by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck, Whiz Comics #14 (March 1941)

Who knew Dr. Sivana was only trying to prevent us from cussing? So obviously, Captain Marvel is the main star of Whiz, but he doesn't have the book to himself. There's also...

Golden Arrow, a western star, by Bill Parker and Pete Costanza
Lance O'Casey, a swashbuckling sailor, by Bill Parker and Bob Kingett
Spy Smasher, who did get some play in the DC Universe later, by Bill Parker and Charles Sultan
Private detective Dan Dare (no relation), by Bill Parker and Greg Duncan
Dr. Voodoo, a jungle hero, by John Hampton and Mac Raboy
Ibis the Invincible, one of those turbaned magicians, by Bill Parker and Pete Costanza

If there seems to be an awful lot of Bill Parker, note that he was also the editor and colorist on those stories! At least he let one other writer/colorist into the mix!

From Midnight: "Chango the Magician" by Jack Cole, Smash Comics #20 (March 1941)

A recent addition to Smash's roster, Midnight was Jack "Plastic Man, but not yet" Cole's answer to Will Eisner's The Spirit, while Eisner was serving in the military. Midnight had a similar look and premise, but was much more whimsical, as you can see. He started in issue 18. As for who else had a strip in Smash...

The Ray, by Lou Fine, headlined the book
Wings Wendall, an international man of mystery and peace-maker who sounds like an ace pilot, by Vernon Henkel
The neighborhood heroes known as the Purple Trio, by Alex Blum
Invisible Justice, by Art Pinajian
Espionage, Starring Black X, by Lane French and John Celardo
Abdul the Arab(ian prince), by Bob Powell
The Scarlet Seal, a Yellow Peril strip, by Harry Campbell
Magno, a superhero that's already on his way out, by Paul Gustavson
Ace reporter Chic Carter, by Vernon Henkel
The first character we might have called a superhero in this book, Bozo the Robot, by George E. Brenner, still going
And such humor strips as Archie O'Toole, Just Laugh It Off, and the probably offensive Wun Cloo

From Quicksilver: "The Fifth Column Bombers" by Nick Cardy, National Comics #9 (March 1941)

The man who would later be known as Impulse's stern mentor Max Mercury started life as a bit of an impulsive, thrill-loving hero himself, judging by this ride on a biplane's tail! But how else are the pages of National filled?

The headliner was Uncle Sam, by Dan Zolnerowich
Sally O'Neil, policewoman, by Frank Kearns
The racist caricatures of Kid Patrol, by Dan Wilson
Aviation ace Prop Powers, by Lynn Byrd
Teen hero Wonder Boy, by Tonui Blum and Nick Cardy
Paul Bunyan, army volunteer, by Storey Weaver
Kid Dixon, athlete, by Rob Reynolds
Comic book artist/respected detective Pen Miller, by Klaus
Jack and Jill, a detective couple in the Thin Man vein, by Lowell Riggs
Merlin the Magician (no relation), by Alex Blum
And some humor strips: Windy Breeze and Miss Winky (the All-American Girl)

So there you have it, a full survey of the strips being published by DC, Quality and Fawcett as of January 1941. Superheroes are still not the majority, but they soon will be. Let's do this again some time.



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