Dial E for Even More Evil

Dial E for Evil continues, with five more identities (on five more pages, by five more artists) taken by a group of street kids just trying to get out from under the thumb of their hoodlum boss.

Case 96: Justice League #23.3 - Dial E
Dial Holders: Al, Ben
Dial Type: E-Dial
Dialing: The first four identities are Al's, then Ben takes over from the fifth. After a number of dials, Al no longer recognizes friend from foe and just lashes out.
Name: Goad (it's a villainous word)
Costume: A farmer's tan overalls, with white shirt and mangy greenish hat. The pant legs are black with pitch, his face cadaverous. He uses a segmented metal spear (actually a goad, an instrument to prod animals along) that smokes with greenish ectoplasmic energy.
Powers: Goad uses his mystical spear to control the minds of others, in essence goading them into doing things. That word is specific, so may limit the ability to provoking certain actions.
Sighted: In Littleville, making Tibb and his crony fight.
Possibilities:  Goad seems to be supernaturally animated, or perhaps demonic, but his power actually comes from a cursed artifact. He would be a dead farmer, perhaps trampled by livestock, who is magically goaded back to life by the item, grabs it, and goes on a rampage. Good for maybe one storyline in a mystical hero's book.
Integration Quotient: 70% (an interesting concept, but not a long-lived one)
Name: Rent (I thought of the musical, then the check I gave my landlord, but it's something else)
Look: A black humanoid shape with grayish blue lightning playing over his body, and luminous white eyes.
Powers: A "rent in the real", this entity cannot be harmed by conventional means and can release the creatures that lay beyond, hungry things with pincers, and tentacles, and other appendages.
Sighted: In Littleville, confronting the police. Gwen rides a motorcycle into it.
Possibilities: An interdimensional entity that unleashes all sorts of Lovecraftian bugbears would be useful against both mystical and more scientific heroes of a certain power level (or teams), since it generates its own monster army.
Integration Quotient: 65% (points off for the name, but otherwise a cool, if enigmatic, concept)
Name: Decalcomaniac (decalcomania is a decorative technique by which engravings and prints may be transferred to pottery or other materials)
Costume: Surrounded by floating splashes of paint, this villain wears a white suit splashed with colorful pain, thick-soled boots, an artist's utility belt, and a red beret. On his chest is a painter's palette in orange. Blue paint trickles down his green, featureless face. He holds a sheet of transparent plastic.
Powers: Unclear. He is seen "smearing" Gwen's "paint, which hurts her. Does his plastic sheet treat people as if they were drawn? If so, he might be able to alter them by painting on them or, as per his name, putting decals on them. He might cause damage by treated people and things as wet paint. Erasing may be beyond his powers.
Sighted: In Littleville, fighting Gwen.
Possibilities: If the Rainbow Raider and Crazy Quilt ever needed a partner, this would be it. His powers are on the crazy side, like someone who would have escaped from the Painting That Ate Paris, so he'd be a Doom Patrol villain, or perhaps relegated to humor books like the Heckler, Vext, etc.
Integration Quotient: 25% (we need a hero who can take on these weirdos in their rogues' gallery)
Name: Ruination (it's fine, but not great)
Costume/Look: Unclear. The villain glows white with incandescence, but may have a black jacket with a high collar. He is otherwise obscured by his powers' effects.
Powers: Throws everything into chaos, energy flowing off his body and more or less liquefying the building along a street. Ruination also appears to fly, or at least levitate in the middle of the "storm". Anything entering his body is disintegrated, including bullets.
Sighted: In Littleville, leveling a street in response to sniper fire.
Possibilities: A real force of nature, a kind of disaster elemental, an agent of the Lords of Chaos, and potentially a tragic figure who, Hulk-like, unleashes destruction when he is harmed or stressed. Would make a good opponent for Superman and could even have repeat appearances so long as you switched things around with what disaster is caused.
Integration Quotient: 70% (if only we had a look to go off of, maybe he could supplant Major Disaster)
Name: Slub (definition: a lump or thick place in yarn or thread)
Look: A cartoony man made of coarse yarn. He has simple features and no hands.
Powers: His soft plushy body means he cannot be harmed by blunt or even piercing weapons (including bullets). Presumably, cutting-type weapons could rip him to shreds.
Sighted: In Littleville, defiant before the police, but in no position to defend his friends.
Possibilities: Another doll element, eh? But this one's BAD. I would go the golem route, an artificial creature given life by some villainous Knitter. If he didn't have powers, then he'd work as an oddball Batman villain, so maybe we want that to be yarn armor. His shtick is fighting hardness with softness, and I'm sure a good writer could do something with that. Does Rag Doll have a brother?
Integration Quotient: 65% (several possibilities present itself, only some of them silly)

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