Battlestar Galactica #79: The Eye of Jupiter

"It's breakfast, lunch and dinner until someone finds a hot fudge planet."
SO SAY WE ALL: Humanity and the Cylons converge on the Temple of Five.

REVIEW: Both sides are being manipulated by fate going by all the coincidences on show, and whether "fate" is the Old Gods, or the Cylon's Only God - or both - it's very much the theme of the episode. Sure, the Cylons and humans are following similar clues to the romantically dubbed Algae Planet, but they still get there at around the same time and the Colonials don't actually know it's the site of the Eye of Jupiter. Tyrol wanders off from the algae farm and finds the Temple of Five within walking distance. It's called that as a reference to the old religion, but it also seems to refer to the Cylons' Final Five (which should make viewers perk up that Tyrol felt called to it). And to make matters even more coincidental, there's a race to obtain the Eye by violence or negotiation because the sun's about to go supernova. God has a wicked sense of humor.

The sun's not the only ticking time bomb. Boomer comes aboard Galactica as part of the negotiation team, but Tigh gleefully leaves her out of the room when Sharon outs her as the same Six who shot Adama. That allows Boomer the chance to tell Sharon her daughter Hera is alive, which of course mines Helo and Sharon's trust in their commander. We get confirmation that Adama didn't know of Roslin's scheme, and THAT mines THEIR trust. In the end, he chooses to take the bullet for the president and acts like he knew and backed the decision, but will now help them get their daughter back if he can. Tic toc. And then there's Lee and Kara's relationship, and her inability to break the marriage sacrament because it was made before the Gods. He can't live with that, but we note he hasn't left Dualla yet. So this is all very volatile, with Dee particularly crabby (with reason), and Anders and Apollo arguing about strategies on the planet surface once the the Cylons show up, Starbuck's raptor is downed, etc. Oh, and if the Cylons don't back off, Adama says he's ready to nuke the site. No one actually believes that bluff knowing his history, right?

Baltar steps back on Galactica, and the always darkly funny Cavill makes him sweat by offering to give them back the traitor to sweeten the pot. At this point, anything could happen. But D'Anna breaks off the polyamorous part of their relationship by leaving Caprica-6 behind to go to the temple. The Hybrid calls Baltar the Chosen One, and one may well wonder, like he does, if he's one of the Final Five and meant - according to Fate - to open the Eye of Jupiter. And just what that means. If I ask a lot of questions, it's because this is all set-up. Action and revelation set in motion, but no resolutions yet. You'll just have to come again.

CAPRICANADA: The Algea Planet is private land in Kamloops; there is no cave entrance in that rock though. The Temple of Five was built inside a facility on the Vancouver Wharves, part of the same installation where they filmed Ragnar Station in the mini-series.

ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN: The Hybrid quotes the opening lines of the satirical folk song "Plastic Jesus", an example of parallel development that evokes the later, similar use of All Along the Watchtower.

HUMAN DEATH TOLL: Headcount starts at 41,402, 18 down from last week. One of those is Kat, and the rest must be the skeleton crews of the lost ships, though it's possible other people died from exposure (aboard the ship she finally does bring in) or from starvation and complications thereof.

Deleted scenes include an extension where Roslin explains her thinking behind faking Hera's death while Adama shaves angrily; he plans on telling Helo and Sharon about it, and correctly intuits they will want their child back.

REWATCHABILITY: Medium - I can't decide if scripted coincidence is different from plot convenience, but what's here is an effective set-up to something that feels like it's gonna be big.



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