Battlestar Galactica #80: Rapture

"This is my destiny. To see what lies between life and death."
SO SAY WE ALL: It's goodbye D'Anna after she sees the faces of the Final Five, and Galactica narrowly escapes a supernova.

REVIEW: How does a Cylon actor leave the show when there are an untold number of each model? Lucy Lawless helps us answer that question. It seems D'Anna's obsession to see the faces of the Final Five is shared by all the Model 3s, and none of them can be trusted by the rest, so once she achieves her goal (the rapture of the title), the entire line gets boxed. And so the known active models drop to 6, and I'm wondering if it'll cause deadlocks in their consensus protocols. I say known because the Final Five are still unrevealed. We don't rapture with her. But at least one of them must be known to us as someone D'Anna hurt in some way. Take your pick, right? Since the Five have a human temple dedicated to them, and are potentially at least as ancient as that temple (4000+ years), we have to wonder whether the Cylon Five are based on human figures from long ago, whether they were built by the 13th Tribe (which means they might be the originators of the human Cylons, while the Colonials only built the metal ones), or what. And then there's the fact that Starbuck draw the Eye of Jupiter in her apartment and... does your head hurt yet? It's even crazier to think Katee Sackoff did that design herself and it's just Moore's insane improvisational skills that made it part of the series' larger motifs. In the Galactica universe, art taps into something primal and divine...

If all the D'Annas are of like mind, it's not the case with the models earlier touched by humanity. In a shocking scene - I gasped - Sharon asks Helo to do something and before we have time to process it's not going to the basestar to get his baby girl, he breaks his wife's neck through his tears. Wow. Obviously, it's so she can download into a new body, make like she's coming home, and get to Hera that way. Are we STILL wondering where her loyalties are? Come on, don't be a Roslin! But she's soon making excuses about taking Hera to a human doctor because the Cylons don't know what ails her. Of course, she'll come back. What we don't expect is for Caprica-6 to come with her, even if she's possibly running from Cylon justice after offing Boomer. And that's the thing. Though Boomer is physically identical to Sharon/Athena, the baby doesn't respond to her. We have the one's motherly instincts, and the other's post partem-like behavior. They are NOT of like mind. The family is reunited, but Six will have to face Colonial justice, which I can't imagine is any sweeter than the Cylons.

Speaking of moving to Galactica, Baltar is also recaptured. I haven't yet discussed the tense planet action (and the nukes over everyone's head), but it's mostly interesting for the relationship tension. We have Dee and Starbuck going at it in the downed raptor, and Lee and Anders becoming brothers in arms trying to hold their ground against the toasters. In terms of action, it's rather ordinary. The choreography isn't great, and when Centurions explode, the CG doesn't work against the natural environment. Tyrol not being able to destroy the Eye will make sense in retrospect, but here seems to be connected to religious feelings. Hilariously, he returns to the Temple and drops Baltar with one punch. The former president comes back in a body bag, alive, possibly to keep it on the downlow for now. But that was funny, and part of the relief of tension we get from the end of the episode. Reunited families and lovers, war criminals captured, a sad boxing scene for Lawless' villainess, and a slim escape from a supernova.

CAPRICANADA: The Algae Planet is played by Kamloops and the Temple of Five by Vancouver Wharves, as previous stated. The Opera House in the vision is really the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver.

ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN: The Final Five as seen here evoke the occupants of the Ship of Lights from the original series.

HUMAN DEATH TOLL: Headcount is 41,401, one down from the previous episode, accounting for one pre-credit death. We see a Colonial warrior called Fisher and a civilian under Anders' leadership die over the course of the episode.

VERSIONS: Among the deleted scenes is an extension of Starbuck's talk with Dee, and C.I.C. learning that the Cylons have touched down but Adama trusts in Lee's ability before resigning himself to launching nuclear weapons.

REWATCHABILITY: High - The plot thickens and the pieces are shuffled on the board. Once again, we might say, things will never be the same.



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