One Panel #453: Introducing the Vigilante!

From Vigilante: "The Origin of the Vigilante" by Mort Weisinger and Mort Meskin, Action Comics #42 (November 1941)

We begin our look at DC comics on the stands in September 1941 with a new feature for Action Comics: The Vigilante! Greg Saunders is a western-themed hero in the modern day and I think it's true to say he jumps right off the page in his first appearance. Mort Meskin's first creation for DC (National), the Vigilante is always breaking panel borders and doing all sorts of cowboy stuff like climbing telephone poles with his spurs, wrangling speeding cars as if they were steers, and kicking guys in the face. With so much to choose from in this exciting 8-page story, I went for the confoundingly energetic splash panel, which reminds me of Jack Kirby and Frank Robbins, both, in the best possible ways.

I don't think we've seen the last of Greg Saunders in the One Panel feature. Sorry Superman and Zatara.