Year 13

Unlucky #13? Well, we just went through the 13th year of Siskoid's Blog of Geekery and the blog finally enters its teens today, after a mere 8685 posts. You might have been following it since the beginning, you might have found something you like on here just last week, regardless THANK YOU for your patronage. I hope the SBG continues to be relevant to your interests going forward. Blogging is really starting to feel like an older form, and not gonna lie, the numbers bear this out when I look at the site's stats. Still, I'm here for the duration, I can't help myself.

Year 13 Highlights
-Almost no Doctor Who this year because the BBC put the show on the slow bus, but we did get some Star Trek. January is going to be big for both these franchises and I might even have trouble keeping up! The Battlestar Galactica reviews kept going all year though, as we moved from the classic series to the re-imagined show. Happily, because I didn't marathon it like the first time, I'm not feeling the deep depression that came with the original experience.
-Krypto's Saturday feature just ended after four years, on the round number 200, and I decided to put a completist version of Who's This? in its place. Every week, I take a page from Who's Who and find a story that hopefully exemplifies the character's comic book adventures. Early days, but I'm liking it.
-Another feature I got to resurrect, at least in the short term, is Dial H for Hero, thanks to the new 12-issue series under DC's Wonder Comics imprint. I love the H Dial concept, and it's fun to do more one-shot-character files (but only a third of the series to go!).
-Speaking of resurrecting features, last year I decided to do one post for every "label" or "tag" the blog has spawned, in order. I kept it up. Most Mondays, you will have found such a post, telling you how popular it's been over the last 13 years, and when it was used last, with a link to the collection. Certainly adds variety!
-In the podcasting category, I kept on trucking with weekly audio offerings. In addition to my own shows, I also guested pretty regularly on my friend Ashford's Straight Outta Gallifrey (which kept Doctor Who in the headlines), and occasionally on other shows. Based on an April Fool's joke gone wrong, I spun my One Panel feature into a short podcast called Panel by Panel, and First Strike: The Invasion Podcast evolved into Zero Hour Strikes!, but otherwise, I didn't start any new projects. The ones I have are more than enough, thanks.
-After getting a C64 Mini, I started a retro-gaming feature about C64 games, but dropped it, at least momentarily, because you can never count on me to play video games for very long. I get the bug every so often, but it kills productivity, and you know how I am about productivity.

So, what's next?
Looks pretty obvious, doesn't it? Daily features seem to be well on track for the foreseeable future: Saturdays - Who's This?; Sundays - This Week in Geek; Mondays - Labels; Tuesdays - Podcasts; Wednesdays - BSG; Thursdays - One Panel... Which leaves Fridays as a kind of catch-all for Dial H (until that's over), Doctor Who reviews (the next series starts soon), Star Trek reviews (Picard in January, and lots of content besides in the pipeline), and the like. Sure, I sometimes jumble things around, but unless I want to get backed up on any of these, the schedule's pretty airtight. Hope it's stuff you like! See you over the course of our 14th year. I think it could be fun.

Stick around!


googum said...

It's a great run, and you've built up a heckuva resource to boot! I have to check back for old Space: 1999 and Dr. Who episodes. You could do 13 more standing on your head!

Admin said...

Thanks for all the good timely (daily) updates and reports. I enjoy the podcasts too!

Siskoid said...

Thanks guys.

Standing on my head could prove a problem for the typing portion of the exam.

abc said...



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