Launched: Fifth Doctor 2020 Addendum

We made really good time this year and are able to bring you a SECOND Addendum book, this one for the Fifth Doctor, just in time for the Holidays! Page numbers of each section follow the main book's, but this update covers both new and old stories alike!

You can download (or just read) it HERE in high (printable) or low (computer screen) resolution.

The Fifth Doctor is one of the main stars of Big Finish's Doctor Who audio range, so it's natural for him to keep plugging along, generating new entries. Since 2017, when the main book came out, he was also in a Muppet live show! We didn't forget it. But we also went back and looked at some old tales from the Annuals, and collections of short stories. Also included are a complete revised timeline for Peter Davison's Doctor, adventure seeds, and even some characters from the shows that were omitted in C7's book (and ours). Allies, villains, locations, gadgets, most of it written by my partner in crime, Peter "MisterHarry" Gilham.

To him, my dearest thanks. To you, more reading and gaming we hope will entertain you during the holidays and beyond. Up next for us, the Eighth Doctor Sourcebook Volume 1 - The Novels. Wish us luck!

Here's the table of contents of the 2020 Addendum and a couple pages besides to give you a small taste.
Happy Holidays!