Battlestar Galactica #127: The Heavens Will Rise

"This is troubling." "Only if you try to explain it."

SO SAY WE ALL: The Cylons obey Lacy. Graystone ropes Sam into helping him find the Angels in the VR world.

As we approach Apotheosis - at one point we're a mere 24 hours before Atlas Arena is meant to blow - the terrorist side of things gets more attention. Nestor has a crisis of faith regarding the validity of the virtual after-life, possibly fueled by Clarice's growing hubris. Who wouldn't feel edgy after you had to conspire to kill one of your wives suspected of spying? After the bug planted in the Willow house proves useless, Amanda is sent in to switch Clarice's holoband so Duram can get it hacked, so the Heaven program is suddenly missing, and Duram gets shot by a sniper for his trouble. He only survives thanks to Amanda, but the holoband goes missing in the incident. The fact that Clarice isn't contacted probably means the holoband is still in the woods somewhere, or else her contact isn't playing fair with her (because who else would try to assassinate Duram?). In any case, Amanda doesn't have it, and now the terrorists are coming after her, having realized Mar-Beth WASN'T the mole. Heaven will rise, but there'll be Hell to pay.

Meanwhile, on Gemenon, Lacy is turning out to be more important than the STO figured. Discipline is harsh in the training camp, and kids get shot for failure. When lacy tells a Cylon to stop, it does, saving one trainee's life, and sending the STO leadership into a tizzy. They can either take this as a sign that she's a kind of Joan of Arc and let her lead, or they can try to do away with her because she's a threat to their control. Guess which one the Holy Mother chooses? Of course, to Lacy, it's all about Zoe. Is she still in there? Does every Centurion have some part of Zoe since the chip was copied from the one she inhabited? Lacy is hoping for more, but there doesn't seem to be a direct link. Still, a good time to rejuvenate the Church "by her command". I don't expect party-boy Odin, with his gun bong and perv holoband, to last long however.

The plot line also shows the STO has a lot more than just one Cylon, and then we're made to think of the ones being shipped to Tauron by the Adamas. Over at Graystone Industries, a new Tauron enforcer shows up to investigate anomalies in the inventory. Fidelia or "Fiddy" is an old friend, and indeed, a former lover of Joseph's. She tries to Columbo him as the Guatrau closes in. A threat with a personal connection, but he's not going to get sexually manipulated over it with Evelyn at home. She and Sam seem to have their own pact about keeping Tamara's existence hidden from Joseph - a notion orphaned from End of Line's alternate scenes - which is why he accepts Graystone's offer to take him into New Cap City (now Forest) as his bodyguard as the Graystones, united by their quest to find Zoe, try to reach their daughter's castle. How Sam can possibly destroy the abomination that is the Tamara avatar isn't clear, and with both girls wielding god-like powers inside the Matrix, can Zoe's parents get anywhere close to her?

CAPRICANADA: Amanda and Duram meet at Cleveland Dam, in Capilano River Regional Park, which is also where the VR forest was shot. Fidelia (or "Feddy") is played by Carmen Moore from Burnaby, BC, who played a priestess on BSG: The Resistance (and will appear as yet another character in Blood and Chrome), and was otherwise in Andromeda, Flash Gordon: A Modern Space Opera, Arrow, Nancy Drew and more.

ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED BEFORE AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN: Doc Cottle from BSG seems to come from a medical family, as the (unseen) physician at the ER when Duram is brought in also has the surname Cottle.

REWATCHABILITY: Medium - The Lacy thread is compelling, but we're otherwise mostly moving pieces into place for the two last episodes.



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