Zero Hour Strikes! Titanic Zeroes

It's The Beginning of Tomorrow for three more titles as Bass and Siskoid cover Deathstroke the Hunted, Flash, and The New Titans all at #0! It's a Marv Wolfman sandwich!

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Highlights from Deathstroke the Hunted #0 by Marv Wolfman, Sergio Capiello, Keith Champagne and Fred Fredericks; Flash #0 by Mark Waid, Mike Wieringo and José Marzan; and The New Titans #0 by Marv Wolfman and Stephen J.B. Jones:

From Deathstroke the Hunted, some cheesecake...
...and some beefcake.
Hello and goodbye to Maurice, the book's most intriguing character.
From Flash, Max Mercury skulking around "last Tuesday":
Wally visits his younger self:
The limits of SPEED, eh?
From New Titans, some thigh gap action...
...and a look at the team's new HQ:


Relevant teaser clip: Doctor Who's "Good Night", starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

End theme music from "The Time Tunnel Theme" by John Williams

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