What a Card: Kered

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. Another TOS Klingon card, but if you're waiting for Kor, they didn't make him one!

EXPANSION: The Trouble with Tribbles

PICTURE: Sure, the TOS Klingons are often skinny dudes with bad goatees, but the pics can be competent. That's the case here, where the red background matches the standard Klingon palette, without any of the pastel stuff found on many TOS images. An unfortunate movement blur distorts the insignia though. A not-too-bad 3.3.

LORE: Pretty much the whole story, which isn't much, but well stretched to 3 lines of text. Could "Governor Kor" have been the OS version of Kor's persona? Leads to dreaming about cards that never were, and that's a good thing(?). As for the invented name, I thought I might find that his real name was Derek or something, but my research revealed no such thing (a Decipher employee then?). Oh, and no mention of being universal. Ah well. A 3.1 in this case.

TREK SENSE: A Klingon soldier under Kor, I think the icons and classification are pretty standard. The skills though... Neither Medical nor Archaeology seem to mesh with the Security mindset in the first place, so it's hard to see where they would apply. Since when is Medical needed to carry out executions? Did he torture people? At most, this usually warrants a bit of Biology, but not a full-fledged Med. If he's some kind of field medic, well, we have no evidence of it. Archaeology is even less justified (possibly a relationship with the Organian planet, so giving him a skill that's found on planet missions). Bah. Integrity's fine for this executioner. From the episode, I can certainly believe this stooge would have low Cunning, but from his skills, I cannot. He's clearly a Renaissance man! Strength's fine for a Klingon soldier, though he's a bit on the thin side, ain't he? Functional in an OS deck, but they had to cheat to make him that way. No more than a 1.3.

STOCKABILITY: There aren't a whole lot of OS Klingons, so using them either mostly alone or with Feds in an Organian Treaty, would no doubt include Kered. But since he's a support personnel, he'll fit into any Klingon deck so long as you've got an AU door in play (Classic Film, Delta Quadrant, Mirror universe, whatever). He's a universal with 2 classifications (always good), one of which is the ever necessary (and not all that common for Klingons) MEDICAL. Archaeology isn't much for passing dilemmas though, so you'd have to use the right missions to make him live up to his full potential. Except for STRENGTH, his attributes are pretty lame though. One advantage he does have however, is that OS icon which allows for a number of tricks such as downloading to and staffing OS ships and using Classic Communicators and Agonizers. Among Klingon support personnel, only Divok and Regnor also have MEDICAL, but neither has a second classification. Furthermore, Divok has the not-very-useful Youth tacked on. Kered strikes me as a competent 3.4.

TOTAL: 11.1 (55.5%) We need more OS Klingons to compare him to.



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