Who's Brother Blood?

Who's This? A cult leader.

The facts: Brother Blood was the leader of the Church of Blood, from a long line of "Brothers Blood", first appearing in New Teen Titans #21 (1982) and thereafter becoming a recurring threat for the team. If we'd never heard of this cult, it's because it was confined to the fictional country of Zandia, until #8 over here decided to go international. He was eventually killed to make way for a new model (in Outsiders #6, 2004).
How you could have heard of him: There was a New52 version appearing in Phantom Stranger, Ravagers and Animal Man, but the less initiated might remember him as the third season villain in the Teen Titans animated series, or as the second season villain on Arrow.
Example story: The New Teen TItans #21-22 (July-August 1982) by Marv Wolfman, George Perez and Romeo Tanghal
It all starts when Cyborg's old girlfriend, who has joined the Church of Blood, tries to run away from the cult and is killed for it. That puts her friend Sister Karyn in danger because she vouched for Marcy, and her punishment (to get eaten by a giant spider) is were we catch our first glimpse of Brother Blood. He's a disgustoid who sits unceremoniously, slouching in his seat, legs wide open, while he strokes what can only be a sex slave.
Well, I hate him already. He tells his nuns to contact his followers in the Senate and Congress (explains a lot) so they take care of the Titans legislatively before Cyborg and friends come looking. He's got more important things to do. Robin, Raven, Kid Flash and Wonder Girl, having human-looking secret identities, infiltrate the Church's compound in the guise of new recruits. Wally still goes to church, so he finds this sect particularly unpalatable, while it's unclear if Raven is getting bad vibes because she's wearing pants for the first time, or the picture of Blood in their dorm room is creepy. Of course, what they don't know is that one of them has been rumbled because of their genetic anomalies.

Maybe it'll come out during the mass. Blood's first order of business is to point to various kids and make them confess their sins. But better be repentant!
So it seems Raven is the anomaly they detected (I would have guessed Wally) and now the jig is up. The Titans try to fight their way to Brother Blood, but when Kid-Flash makes it, he's zapped by a personal electric field. Blood Bro gloats that he's got believers all over the government, and universities and boardrooms (again, sounds quite familiar) and starts zappin'.
One by one, the Titans fall. Only Raven's soul-self, separated from her body, isn't taken, so maybe it can contact the rest of the team and rescue the fallen four from Brother Blood's dungeons.

Meanwhile, at the Capitol, a motion to recognize the Church of Blood as a true religion is about to come to a vote (Brother Blood really doesn't want to pay taxes), but his followers need help to convince the rest of the assembly. B.B. plans a high-profile interview in the media to allay any fears. Maybe not wear a dog skull on your head for that one, Sebastian? And also don't mention you just tortured the Boy Wonder.
Batman-trained and approved! Robin gets thrown int the scum pit with the rest of the team and he has to fight the spider monster alone as they're all still passed out. In the meantime, Raven's soul-self has recruited the other Titans and they're flying to the compound. Where Bethany Snow is about to interview Blood IN FULL DOG-HAT, SLOUCHING OPEN-CROTCHED REGALIA! I guess it's a brand. He tells the people that blood is life and his traditional name and dress shouldn't scare anyone. That his country no longer harbors terrorists, that was all the former president. And he's being persecuted, as superheroes busting up the joint in the next few seconds will prove. Battle (or persecution, if you really think cultists with high-tech weapon are being persecuted) is joined on national TV.
Somewhere in the middle there, Robin engineers his sub-group's escape. And though Blood is a match for any given Titan, there are just too many balls to keep in the air at this point and...
He escapes on a sci-fi plane, but Cyborg makes it crash and "no one could have survived". The Church maintains that he will rise from the grave. Bethany Snow maintains that the X-Men are a menace--I mean, the Teen Titans, completely in thrall of Blood's message (WUBC is the DCU's Fox News). Mother Mayhem takes over the ministry... but in reality, Blood wasn't aboard the plane (he's in a SUB!), Zandia will get official recognition, and the Church will thrive.

I do find that Brother Blood's abilities are a little vague here, but the story does predict certain cults of personality we're dealing with today, so it has value. And from a comic book perspective, Blood and his people look cool in black and red and as they recruit young people as their pawns, are a good match for the Titans who started out basically only sorting out situations where youth were in trouble.

Who's Next?
A group of non-mutants.



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