Podcast Notes: The Outsiders Show That Never Was

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Last article published: 3 August 2021
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You might or might not be surprised at the number of podcast ideas that don't make it to your ear buds. For example, I once thought of doing something with the New Gods. Nothing came of it. I've been trying to get episodes of FW Records together and even recorded some things, but I feel like the end result is always too thin and I don't finish production. I even once recorded what would have been an audio version of this blog (more of a magazine style show), but it's still in the can, unproduced. One idea I thought would have a shot is an Outsiders podcast co-signed by myself and Rob Kelly.

Now, if you've followed this blog since at least 2014, you'll know I have no real love for the team Batman built in the '80s. In fact, I used to write take-down articles, basically making unfair jokes about the art and story, page by page, up through issue #15 of the original series! It was meant as comedy - I don't have nearly as much skin in the game as the posts make it out to be - and everyone knew it. But the Outsiders have their fans (or at least, people who own a pair of rose-tinted nostalgia goggles) and fellow Network All-Star Rob Kelly was among them. The concept for the show would have been this:

We each record on our end a page by page appreciation (or in my case, "appreciation") of an issue - me essentially adapting the comments I made on this blog years ago, him new material that contradicts my comments. So whether you think the Outsiders are total pants or a fun Bronze Age superhero comic, you get your due AND a reason to debate in the comments section. Plus, the format didn't require us to schedule a meeting. I would simply edit the audio into a coherent show that kept switching hosts and views.

But we only really JOKINGLY talked about it. I had too much on my plate to really push for it even as a one-off or annual thing. And then our friend Tim Price started an enthusiastic podcast about the Outsiders (the Wright On Network's The Outcasters on the Batgirl/Huntress Podcast feed) and that was that. We're not in the business of competing with people in our larger circle (even of the sentiment isn't always reciprocated). I listen to the show and shake my head a lot and I don't comment because I don't want to burst Tim's bubble. I guess it makes me realize that though those article were all in fun, I still DID think the Outsiders were ill-conceived.

In an alternate reality, perhaps this show is a thing. Perhaps it's even good, who knows.


tomg said...

I used to live your Outsider posts. I never thought of them as mean-spirited, just funny. I think even fans of the series could appreciate the humor.

Siskoid said...

The fact they were so extreme I think showed they were a joke. And then the comments piled on and I got some laughs too!

Jeremy Patrick said...

I stared in confusion at that image you posted for the longest time before realising it was a spoof :)


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