What a Card: Distraction

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. I'd promised Uhura's abs of steel, so here they are!

EXPANSION: Mirror, Mirror


PICTURE: There's so much red on the card, skin tones seem to shift to the greener part of the spectrum, but hey, this is such a cool scene, well choreographed by the actors and showcasing Uhura's rather impressive, toned stomach, that I can't slight it very much. The poses are good, we get a good shot of the mirror uniforms, and those three guards in the back remind us all the more of which universe we're in. Even looks like Sulu is recoiling a little bit because he doesn't want a matching scar. I love it and give it a proportionally high 4.5.

LORE: Have I not touted the merits of this scene enough? Well, using the dialogue itself is Decipher's homage to it. Great idea, making the distraction come to life. You know, based on the strength of this scene, I never understood why Uhura wasn't utilized more. She's definitely more interesting than many modern Trek characters, and remained an expert Distractor through Star Trek V. Anyway, nice lore despite the layout flub: a 4.7 this time.

TREK SENSE: I thought the idea was that your personnel should distract an enemy in order to succeed in the mission attempt, but you'll see it isn't. As in the pic, this is the common Trek "sexual distraction", and requires either a male or a female. Neuters need not apply (sorry Exocomp!), nor are Borg phased by this kind of thing, though a case could be made that this was unfair to the androgynous Soren. Your opponent chooses the gender of the personnel you must distract, so you have to send over a personnel of the opposite gender. I don't like the random selection here, as Away Teams will usually select their most attractive (or least inhibited) member to go and do this. Example: Leeta and Ishka are in the same Away Team and the character to distract is male... You really gonna send Ishka over? In any case, the distracted personnel is one of yours! Why? I guess it's more of a love interest dilemma then. One personnel does a lovely belly dance for someone he or she is attracted to, and if neither of them have Honor, they "go for it" and forget their duties (stopped from continuing mission attempt). If at least one of them does have Honor, then they don't get distracted. Makes sense on that basis, but that's not what's being shown in the pic. Sigh. We were off to a good start, and the game text wording has fun elements like actual "distracting", but I can only give it 2.7.

There's a possibility of stopping 2 personnel with this card, one of them being your choice, so you might consider it for a combo. You just have to avoid Honor personnel. Well, with one of the selections being yours, you should be able to pick an appropriate one, putting chances in your favor as far as the other personnel goes by selecting wisely from the two available genders. As part of a set-up towards Matriarchal Society, it works well enough, though "stopping" is not as potent as relocation. There are still instances where you won't be able to make a dent though: Borg crews, single-gender crews and totally Honorable crews are likely to cause problems. Ah well. It's the opponent's choice aspect of the dilemma that keeps it afloat for a 3.2.

15.1 (75.5%) Hubba, hubba!



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