What a Card: Emblem of the Empire

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. More Mirror, Mirror, and we won't stop 'til we're done...

EXPANSION: Mirror, Mirror

PICTURE: Because of TOS production values, the image comes off as blurry and oddly-colored. While I'm usually happier with an actual pull than a symbol à la Plans of the Tal Shiar, this image of a turbolift door suffers from brighter light on the right-hand side. Kinda yucky; it's just 1.9.

LORE: N/A (score will be adjusted accordingly)

TREK SENSE: While the Alliance Emblem is something of a Treaty, the Empire cannot really be. Most of the [Terran]-icon cards are "Federation" and in any case, I think there's a problem with calling these people a micro-affiliation which can all use the Emblem, when they really are two. One is the actual 23rd-Century Empire which this card does little to represent. The other is the Terran Rebellion which doesn't use the Emblem and doesn't consider itself an Empire. Be that as it may, the card would allow for all Terran-icon cards to work together since they plainly did on the show. That any of the OS personnel would recognize this alliance is dubious however, as everyone not "Federation" was working for the rebels. Also working with the rebels were Ben and Jake Sisko, as well as Rom and Quark. I might have added Julian Bashir who more or less pushed Smiley into becoming a rebel, but his visit to the Mirror Universe does predate the Rebellion's creation. The "alliance" also makes such personnel able to attack anyone they please, which is very much in the Mirror Universe's style. The download of The Art of Diplomacy is also in character, and especially suits the evil OS Empire (as do the lifted attack restrictions). The rest of the card is clearly Rebellion-based. First, it protects Empire-icon stuff from being destroyed in the Badlands by the Plasma Storms. They hid there and knew how to avoid its dangers, something I would expect to see on a Maquis mechanic as well. Just like the Emblem of the Alliance, it also protects the Ore Processing Unit on your Mirror Terok Nor from Reactor Overload. Just as with that other card, a couple of Engineers overseeing things might very well make sure nothing derails your ore processing operations, but again, there's no reason this would only work in the Mirror Universe. This has nothing to do with the Empire or Rebellion. What does have something to do with the Rebellion is that though they are Feds, they can still Process Ore. Indeed, they kept the thing working and have no qualms about using prisoners for labor. Since the Empire is far less focused as a concept than the Alliance is, its Emblem won't do as well... Only a 3.2.

STOCKABILITY: While the incident is seedable, it can easily be downloaded by playing one of two Mirror quadrant missions. One of these can hold your Terran Rebellion HQ, the other you can attempt and can have Mirror Terok Nor in orbit. If using the HQ, no need to fear its Badlands location since Navigate Plasma Storms cannot affect either it, or your staffed ships there. The ships are also protected in the Alpha Quadrant if either player is using the Badlands there as well. While you can easily just use the [Fed] and [NA] Terrans to build your deck (there are plenty), using such personnel as Commander Leeta (and her download) or the well-rounded Ferengi (from both universes), will require this "Treaty". The two named Siskos may be Fed already, but would need the Emblem to mix with the non-Feds AND keep their attack restrictions lifted. Indeed, this is one way of using the Feds to attack your opponent, but you will need to keep your crews clear of any non-Terran. It also means you can only use Terran ships to do the job, but there's a Defiant in there (with 2 matching commanders covered by this card). The Emblem also downloads The Art of Diplomacy which is never a loss when using Mirror personnel. It's mostly the OS guys who have the Treachery you can turn into Diplomacy, but better than that, the card can be used to download a weapon to Mirror Kirk, protecting your matching commander from assault team attacks. Let the games begin. And finally, it allows your Mirror Feds to Process Ore like Cardassians, keeping the cycling process safe from Reactor Overload simply by leaving 2 ENGINEER there, say Chief Engineer Scott if you don't want to tie up too many resources there. So... easy access to this card, also giving you access to some great stuff for your Mirror Feds (which are a popular "affiliation"), plus Ore Processing for the cards in blue, lifted attack restrictions and protection from your more obvious weaknesses. I'd call it a 4.4.

TOTAL: 12.67 (63.33%) Somehow, the math will get both Emblems to the same number, but we're very far from that card when posting them in episode chronology.



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