Hergé Head Trauma for Years and Years

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Last article published: 21 December 2020
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The last few years have been tough. Whether it's the Trump emulators that have been popping up in my country (and of course, the original brand). Or this seemingly endless pandemic and resulting anti-masker/vaxxers who prolong it needlessly (and with maximum irritation). Or, oh, whatever else you'd care to mention (but it's pretty much all connected to those two things). Normally, I might have produced a "Rant", since I do have a blog label for that, but I feel like we're well past that point, and who really wants to throw more negativity at the world? So instead, enjoy these head trauma moments culled from Hergé's (Tintin et) L'étoile mystérieuse (The Shooting Star).
That's a fraction of how I'm feeling, but it'll have to do.


LiamKav said…
I sympathise. I am spending far too much time trying to argue with anti-vaxxers/"plandemic"/QAnons on social media even though I know it's completely pointless and does nothing but make me angry.