Where's the Red Bee?

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Last article published: 4 July 2019
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Yes, I know that it's Stripesy that wears Waldo's colors, but the Stargirl Spring Special doesn't care about the same things I do. Just a stone's throw further back from Stripesy is none other than Blog of Geekery favorite the Red Bee!
Thanks for never forgetting the OTHER stripped hero, Mr. Hembeck!


Can't forget the Jester. And I'm always happy when someone remembers Dan Garrett, the Golden Age Blue Beetle. I have about twenty of his books.
Wriphe said…
Is Rick the beach lifeguard, or is he just looking for Michael?
Siskoid said…
He DOES have that posture, doesn't he? Sadly, his pet bee is too small to be seen.
LismanDD said…
Who is that in the other striped shirt, right behind Stripesy?
Siskoid said…
Good question. He appears to be the only character not in superhero costume, and with his face hidden it's an odd detail.
Allen W. Wright said…
Where is the Earth-Two Aquaman?