Zero Hour Strikes! Justice League Zeroes

Bass and Siskoid take aim at the Justice League's zero issues, including Justice League America, Justice League Task Force, and Extreme Justice! Will the franchise pivot towards success or keep diving head first into a vat of boiling failure? History's already been written, but what do our two Zeroes think?

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Highlights from Justice League America #0 by a writer who shall not be named, Chuck Wojtkiewicz and Bob Dvorak; Justice League Task Force #0 by Mark Waid, Sal Velluto and Jeff Albrecht; and Extreme Justice #0 by Dan Vado, Marc Compos and Ken Branch:

In JLA #0, Gossip Girl Wonder Woman rebuilds the team.
One of many reasons why a supervillain lair doesn't make a good superhero HQ.
The entire final battle with the adaptoid - a single panel - and some Wonder Woman-related nightmare fuel on the next page.
In JLTF #0, Triumph hangs around in the Martian Manhunter's apartment.
Why the Ray is cool and Gypsy is not:
In ExJ #0, Captain Atom - and the art - pushes it to the limit.
Protect yourself, Blue Beetle!
Ronnie Raymond has a bad (hair) day.
Relevant teaser clip: "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice", starring Ezra Miller and Ben Affleck.

End theme music from "The Time Tunnel Theme" by John Williams

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Anonymous said…
Ok i almost fell off my couch laughing from Gossip Girl Wonder Woman comment and Bad hair day Ronnie comment lol