One Panel #603-605: Fawcett Facts

From Vigilante: "At the Circus" by Otto Binder and C.C. Beck, Captain Marvel Advenures #10 (May 1942)

It's humane to tie a man into knots if he's a contortionist. That's a Fawcett Fact!


From Lance O'Casey: "Pearl Dive of Doom" by Otto Binder and Harry Anderson, Whiz Comics #30 (May 1942)

Octopi in your comics is better than no octopi. That's a Fawcett Fact!

From Bulletman: "The Terror of the Iceberg" by Otto Binder and Ken Bald, Master Comics #26 (May 1942)

During World War II, the Japanese dressed up as polar bears to spy on us from icebergs. You can put that in your high school history report because it's a Fawcett Fact!