Who's Who: Madam Fatal?!

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Last article published: 24 September 2018
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My good friend Xum Yukinori's "Xum's Who" project, creating an issue of Who's Who filled forgotten characters (and a few originals) has passed into legend (Google Xum's Who if you don't know what I'm talking about). Long before his untimely death left a giant hole in our lives, Xum had shared with me his Who's Who page template so that I might attempt a few pages myself. While he concentrated on Silver and Bronze Age luminaries ignored by DC's original Who's Who (like Topo, Lady Cop and - gasp - the pre-Crisis Superman and Wonder Woman!), my interest lay in Golden Age characters from the houses that became DC Comics (National, All-American, Quality and Fawcett). Characters like versatile athlete Pep Morgan, Bozo the Iron Man, and Minute-Man. Oh, and of course, Madam Fatal.

This was just an attempt, which I found in my Mailbox next to Xum's blank pages, and it's the work of someone who can't drawn and doesn't have a stylus to even trace over artwork. As a mock-up, it's not even something I wrote and I barely did any rewriting, so full credit to Wikipedia. The art is sourced from the comics themselves (by Madam Fatal creator Art Pinajian), the surprint images treated with a simple enough PhotoShop filter. Again, it was just to see what it would look like, how much information you could load onto a page, etc.

If I didn't go ahead with a full 32-page project (in fact, I had to finish cleaning this one up before showing it today), it's because I had so many other projects on the go (mostly), and my motivation for it was smothered by grief after Xum passed away. And maybe it seemed a lot of energy and research for results that would never hold a candle to Xum's own pages. If I had a better equipment, or even the funds required to buy commissions from proper artists, it might be another story, who knows.

For now, enjoy this piece of "what might have been".

In memory of You Know (Xum's) Who.