Hero Points: When a Stranger Calls

Hero Points is back! (How do you feel about an annual engagement on the Let's Roll feed?) Shag and Siskoid are in fact doing a Hero Points/JLI Bwa-Ha-Ha Podcast crossover by covering When a Stranger Calls, an adventure module set sometime before JLI #12. Can Dr. Fate and the rest of the team put a stop to Wotan's newest scheme?

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Here are some images relevant to this episode of Hero Points:

When a Stranger Calls was written by Ray Winninger, with a cover by Kevin Maguire, Karl Kesel and Bob Le Rose.
Dr. Fate's Clue Keeper:

The first scene is the most JLI thing in the whole adventure!

Not sure this puzzle is all that a-MAZE-ing...
Going deep into the Batman's mind!
 All ready? Let's roll!