Hyperion to a Satyr: Hamlet Act I, Scene 2 - The Wedding Banquet

Hyperion to a Satyr - The Fire and Water Podcast Network's Hamlet Podcast - continues Siskoid's scene-by-scene deep dive into Shakespeare's masterwork, discussing the text, but also performance and staging through the lens of several films, television, and comics. Act I, Scene 2 is too long to cover all in one go, so in Part 1 of 3, we look at the Wedding Banquet, stopping just short of Prince Hamlet's introduction.

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Theme: "Fanfare" from 1996 Hamlet, by Patrick Doyle, with clips from that film, starring Ray Fearon; the 1980 Hamlet, starring Derek Jacobi; and the 2009 Hamlet, starring David Tennant.

Bonus clips: Hamlet 1996 by Kenneth Branagh, starring Derek Jacobi; Hamlet 1980 by Rodney Bennett, starring Patrick Stewart; Hamlet 2000 by Michael Almereyda, starring Kyle MacLachlan and Diane Venora; and Hamlet 2009 by Gregory Doran, starring Patrick Stewart.

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