Hyperion to a Satyr: Hamlet Act I, Scene 2 - Ghost Stories

Hyperion to a Satyr - The Fire and Water Podcast Network's Hamlet Podcast - continues Siskoid's scene-by-scene deep dive into Shakespeare's masterwork, discussing the text, but also performance and staging through the lens of several films, television, comics and even a rock opera. In Part 3 of Act I, Scene 2, we look at the end of the scene, from Horatio's entrance through Hamlet's small closing speech after he learns that his father's ghost walks the ramparts of Elsinore.

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Theme: "Fanfare" from 1996 Hamlet, by Patrick Doyle, with clips from that film, starring Ray Fearon; the 1980 Hamlet, starring Derek Jacobi; and the 2009 Hamlet, starring David Tennant.

Bonus clips: Hamlet 1996 by Kenneth Branagh, starring Kenneth Branagh; Hamlet 1948 by Laurence Olivier, starring Laurence Olivier, Anthony Quayle, Esmond Knight and Norman Wooland; Hamlet 1980 by Rodney Bennett, starring Robert Swann and Derek Jacobi; Hamlet 1990 by Franco Zeffirelli, starring Stephen Dillane and Mel Gibson; Hamlet 2009 by Gregory Doran, starring Peter De Jersey; and "Le Spectre du Roi" by Johnny Hallyday.

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