One Panel #666: What the Devil Happened to More Fun Comics?

From Doctor Fate: "The Two Fates" by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman, More Fun Comics #83 (September 1942)

Specifically, what happened to its spooky strips? Dr. Fate at half-mask may be more personable, but the more down-to-earth power levels make for more ordinary stories. Here I am, all ready to do a devilish #666 post and I can't find anything remotely Satanic either here or in this month's offerings DC-wide. Fate rolling crooks up in cable? If at least he was flattening them out in a printing press (which is the flash I got since I did old school print making with a contraption very like this at university), but no.

The Spectre strip was even worse, with the ghost of Jim Corrigan helping a nerd at a boxing gym.