One Panel #669-670: Jay Garrick's Speed Tricks

From Flash: "The Curse of Fame!" by Gardner Fox and Everett E. Hibbard, All-Flash #6 (October 1942)

I'll be the first to say the Golden Age Flash's speed tricks rarely looked good. A lot of tornadoes with little definition, really. But let's give credit where credit is due when it DOES look fun. Example 1: The quick change! It would be very easy to just do the tornado thing. It's a trope! But making us see inside the twister is a lot more fun.

From The Flash: "The Man Who Commanded the Night" by Gardner Fox and Harold Wilson Sharp, Flash Comics #33 (September 1942)

Example 2, on the stands the same month: The Flash throws paper air planes at supersonic speeds, quickly enough to puncture skin! It's a great trick because first you run fast, papers fly, you grab them out of the air and turn every sheet into a weapon, then throw it, all in the space of a second!