One Panel #671: A Podcast Idea

From "Bulletman and the Revenge Syndicate" by Henry Perkins and the Binder Studio, Bulletman #7 (September 1942)

The Revenge Syndicate is the made up of Bulletman and Bulletgirl's returning villains - the Weeper, the Murder Prophet, and the Black Rat! The latter has the right idea for a villainous podcast. Just calling other podcasters out. If rappers can do it, why can't we?

In reality, it happens all the time. Within a circle, we poke fun at each other on air, whether on the same show, or in each others' backs. I don't know if listeners like us treating the podcastosphere as a shared universe, but seeing that, in my particular case, there's a lot of comics talk, it seems thematically relevant.

The Black Rat was cutting edge!