oHOTmu or NOT Ep.89: Puck to Purple Man

A short Canadian. A cat-like Native American. A hero who kills. The Thing's father-in-law. David Tennant. Which are Hot? Which are Not? Find out, as the Hot Squad continues its coverage of OHOTMU's 10th issue and reveals how datable its characters are.

Featuring permanent panelists Elyse, Isabel, Nathalie, and Amelie.

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You can follow along! Here are the characters we cover in this episode.

"Can You Dig It?" (Theme for oHOTmu or NOT?) by Brian Tyler.

Bonus clips from: "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Michael Hoffman, starring Stanley Tucci; "Hockey Night in Canada" theme by Colin Oberst; "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" from The Aristocrats; "The Punisher" by Jonathan Hensleigh, starring Veryl Jones  and Thomas Jane; "Master of Puppets" by Metallica; and "Purple Haze" by the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

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Anonymous said…
Some interesting stuff on this episode ... I never thought I'd hear a discussion of horseshit hockey pucks on a superhero podcast. My mom (who was born in 1939 and grew up on a farm) told me she used to play hockey with frozen horseshit--also known as road apples--when she was a kid, though I doubt the NHL ever had to resort to that.

During the time that Thomas Fireheart owned the Daily Bugle (which he bought to pay off his debt of honour to Spider-Man by using the paper to rehabilitate Spidey's reputation) he habitually wore suits and looked pretty good. There are plenty of examples from the comics of the time (1989-1990); you can see a decent example in the last panel here.

By the way, I always thought the Browning Llama was an alternate name for the Browning Hi-Power, but I couldn't find anything to confirm that. The very name seems contradictory, as Browning is a British company and Llama firearms were made in Spain.

Mike W.