What a Card: Sarod

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. Who else is part of Khan's crowd?

EXPANSION: The Motion Pictures

PICTURE: Like some other Khanites, Sarod looks like a painting rather than a photograph. I don't know if it's some kind of digital enhancement or what (certainly, other characters have been edited out of the background). It looks weird. Also working against him is the fact that he looks like some kind of 19th-Century pirate with that costume and isn't meant to be. These oddities keep the card at 2.7.

LORE: Now, this I like. It's invention, of course, but rather fun. If you're gonna extrapolate a doctor among a group of supermen, you might well give him little to do. Tying in McGivers' death is a brilliant move. Excellent stuff despite the lack of universality at 4.4.

TREK SENSE: Khan had more followers than there are cards for, so some must be universal, yes. However, since doctors aren't needed much, it's hard to believe there would be more than one in the small group of survivors. That's why I don't buy universality here. Otherwise, it's a fair effort. You have a Non-Aligned Civilian, but with some Medical training. He doesn't have to work on the supermen much, so his knowledge of Biology wouldn't be enough to save McGivers. No Biology then, but Exobiology that would help in the taming of the Ceti Eel. Anthropology isn't inappropriate (psychology, bedside manner, getting Khan not to kill you when you don't save his wife...), but doesn't register as obvious either. The Staff icon makes sense since everyone chipped in to fly Reliant (not that it requires [Staff]. The special skill relates to the Ceti Eel in a more or less thematic way. The card draw when a Ceti Eel is played on someone may be his taking note of how the Eel is affecting someone, sort of ongoing research on the subject. He couldn't save his own crew from the Eels, so it could also be Khan ordering him to work on the problem. Meh. Attributes show a souped-up mutant, with high Cunning and Strength. Integrity takes both the caregiver role and the fact he's a bad guy/wannabe tyrant into account. More good than ill there, he gets a 3.5.

STOCKABILITY: All of Khan's followers are good in a Khan deck, that's obvious, and the Ceti Eel link makes sure that's where he'll play. He reports for free to the USS Reliant with Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold, along with the rest of the gang, and from there, provides incentive to use Ceti Eel. Mas'ud can download those Eels on any other personnel you care to report or hijack, and however they come into play, Sarod gets you a card draw when that happens. Khan decks can be pretty quick if you do things right, which is a must before your opponent has a chance to stop your Revenge strategy. He otherwise acts as the universal source of MEDICAL for the deck, with Exo and Anthro being good dilemma-passing and mission-solving skills as well. Great attributes, including INTEGRITY that won't prove hoseable. He's not as instrumental as some of the other Khanites, but should provide a certain edge. A 3.7.

TOTAL: 14.3 (71.5%) Helps as part of a tight faction.