One Panel #684: Midnight Is Dead

From Midnight: "The Death of Midnight" by Jack Cole, Smash Comics #36 (October 1942)

Not a hoax, not a dream... ok, maybe it's a bit of a dream, but Midnight - Quality's answer to the Spirit - is dead. And at the Pearly Gates, he asks St. Peter to send him to Hell where he can fight evil. It's Jack Cole, so it's played for comedic effect, but geez, there's an awful lot of torture down there. Midnight is pitch-forked, sexually harassed, used a living swing for demons, stretched with weights, and as you can see, boiled alive. (Clever pun, Mrs. Satan - yes, that's her name.)

He eventually stages a rebellion and prevents a Nazi invasion by distracting Mr. Satan. And then St. Peter realizes there was a clerical error and that it wasn't yet Midnight's, uhm, hour, and our boy wakes up to find out there really was an interrupted Nazi invasion. AMBIGUOUS ORGAN STING!