One Panel #691-695: A Blur

From Flash: "The Robbers of the Round Table" by Gardner Fox, Harold Wilson Sharp and Lou Ferstadt, Flash Comics #34 (October 1942)

Trying to cover every comic published by the companies that became DC Comics, when so many of these comics have not been reprinted, recolored and repackaged, often forces me to use books archived on microfiche. Which means blurry and desaturated images from time to time. Jay Garrick knows what I mean. So let me just dumb a bunch of those lesser-quality panels from comics on the stands in August of 1942, all in this one post.

From Captain Marvel, Jr.: "Captain Marvel, Jr. Saves the Doomed Army" by Mac Raboy, Master Comics #30 (September 1942)

Even at this resolution, the energy and quality of some artists - like Mac Raboy - is undeniable.

From Plastic Man: "The Sinister Swami" by Jack Cole, Police Comics #12 (October 1942)

And Jack Cole is definitely another one.

From Uncle Sam: "Adventure in Panama" by Will Eisner and Reed Crandall, National Comics #25 (October 1942)

Reed Crandall too!

From Death Patrol: "Deathtrap For the Death Patrol" by Dave Berg, Military Comics #12 (October 1942)

In fact, Quality Comics prided themselves on the quality of their art. Dave Berg would go on to be a pillar of Mad Magazine.