What a Card: Commander Chekov

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. Let's fast-forward a bit to the battle in the nebula. Three cards are pulled from the final Reliant-Enterprise match-up, including...

EXPANSION: The Motion Pictures

PICTURE: Chekov returns to active duty after having his brains eaten out in Star Trek II. He looks weary and a little gray. Is this the best pic they could find for him? It's a clear bust shot, sure, but he's not at his best. Consequently, a 2.8.

LORE: It's always strange to refer to a younger self like this for persona purposes, but it has to be done. In any case, what follows is great fun, since Chekov DID hold many positions in the films, probably because he and Sulu were a bit redundant on the show, and he couldn't be the "young rookie" anymore. At the time, made me wonder if 2E would eventually make versions of the mains for each film. It would certainly work with Chekov! Pavel Chekov - Reliant First Officer/Pawn of Khan (ST II), Starship Thief (ST III), Russian Spy (ST IV), and so on. But I digress. A fun 4.

TREK SENSE: On the show, Chekov was an Officer adept in Navigation who sometimes took Spock's place at the Science station. He did this too in the movies, but the focus was more on tactical and Security. So he's still an Officer, and could never forget Navigation, but the big Science skill has been turned into specific scientific fields: Biology and Astrophysics, which he used to inspect planets as potential Genesis Project sites. The Bio's for inspecting the planets themselves, and the Astro is to understand the basics of Genesis (though you'd think the Marcuses would have the skill if that were true). In any case, we don't know he was all that knowledgeable, but given prior experience at Spock's station, I'm guessing it's ok. And back to the new focus on tactical, the Ensign's Range boost to the Starship Enterprise is now for Weapons. The Command icon is also new, and it's a must for a first officer. Not as hot-blooded as he used to be, his Integrity has gone up by one since his Ensign days, but he hasn't gotten any smarter (aside from a lot of one-liners, he may have been the least useful member of the cast) or stronger (inexperience now replaced by age as the factor holding him back). Good, though not particularly original, I'll give him a 4.1.

STOCKABILITY: Another Starship Enterprise booster, you can have him on the OS version, adding to Lt. Sulu's WEAPONS +2 to get the ship to +4 (9) before any other enhancements, or use him alone on the CF version for WEAPONS 8. Of course, nothing's stopping you from reporting Captain Sulu there and switching him to Lt. Sulu for the +4. Similarly, that's how you would quickly get Commander Chekov aboard the OS ship, by downloading/reporting Ensign Chekov there and making a switch later, perhaps after you're done with moving and don't need the RANGE boost anymore. Note that either version can solve Agricultural Assessment. When it comes to mission solving, the Commander (hehehe, just reminded myself of the movie "Trekkies") offers two classifications, which indeed, many CF personnel do, and a combo you'll also find on John Harriman (oy vey!). Still, between that and two excellent dilemma-busting skills, you should find room in your CF Federation deck, especially if you have the Starship Enterprise. A good little 3.7.

TOTAL: 14.6 (73%) Coincidence of the week: Same score as the mirror Chekov.