Who's Wonder Tot?

Who's This? A li'l Princess Diana.

The facts: In Wonder Woman #124 (August 1961), Amazon science allows Diana to meet past versions of herself, including Wonder Girl before she was a separate character, and absurdly, Wonder Tot, the toddler version of the Amazing Amazon. What probably should have been a one-off by Robert Kanigher and Ross Andru became a regularly feature that spawned almost 20 stories. Of course, DC swept that under the rug after the mid-60s, but Ambush Bug remembered in #3 of his series (above), and the Absolute Crisis on Infinite Earths relegated these "Impossible Tales" to Earth 124.1. A version of Wonder Tot appeared with other toddler superheroes in the Super Juniors Digest.
How you could have heard of her: While older than a toddler, Young Princess Diana has been enjoying back-up stories in Wonder Woman for a few years now (some were even collected), and they're probably the best thing about the title. The Wonder Woman 84 movie made use of Young Diana as well.
Example story: Wonder Woman #138 (May 1963) "The Kite of Doom!" by Robert Kanigher, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito
Amazon Island is all set to watch a contest that only involves Wonder Woman's family, which is to say herself, her mother, and her two past selves. The object of the competition: A priceless kite. The goal: To each find an adventure that involves a kite. Whoever returns with the most startling (kite? story?) wins the kite that helped the Amazons beat back "the last Martian invasion". And they only have 60 minutes to do this. Man, Silver Age rules are the WORST! As we only care for Wonder Tot here, let's look at her adventure, which has her fail to find a kite. The air currents give out and she's forced to land on an island.
The genie is a friendly sort and he might be able to create a kite for her.
Wonder Tot doesn't think this has been exciting enough, so she uses the kite to fly off to a better adventure, but she does bring the turbanless, powerless genie with her. That the Mediterranean has Amazons and djinn, I'll buy. But... pterodactyls?!
You're pretty far from Dinosaur Island, aren't you, big fella? Wonder Tot uses the turban ribbon as a lasso to hitch a ride on the dinosaur, laughing all the way, to bring the unsettled genie back to his island. And now she has a great kite story to tell.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girl has an adventure with a merboy and uses a giant swordfish as a kite, but it also gets intercepted by the pterodactyl (at least we appear to be on the same sea). Hippolyta saves a fighter jet and finds a kite-shaped frozen cloud hiding an alien armada. And Wonder Woman finds... nothing. But when she comes back a loser, a gust of wind snaps the prize kite's rope and the four Amazons fly after it, only to encounter Multiple-Man, a giant Metal Man wannabe who can turn into different materials. He absorbs Diana's family and she has to outplay him riding the kite. But he turns into a giant icicle and...
A meteor coincidentally appears in the sky and Diana uses it to destroy Multiple-Man, at which point Wonder Tot declares Present-Day Diana the winner.
On the one hand, it's the only adventure that actually used a real KITE. On the other, the buzzer had sounded and this all happened after the one-hour mark. I guess, if all these Wonders are Wonder Woman at different points in her life, everyone's a winner. Except Hippolyta, of course.

Pure nonsense. Have a good April Fool's.

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