FW Team-Up: Superman and the Metal Men

Siskoid and Bass' coverage of DC Comics Presents brings them to issue #4 (December 1978) as Superman and the Metal Men's powers start to fail... but is it Chemo's fault, or I.Q.'s? It can't be Science's fault, because Science was out to lunch during this one...

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Highlights from DC Comics Presents #4 by Len Wein and José Luis Garcia-Lopez:
Split-screen splash!
JLGL doing ordinary people:
A tennis match:
I'm sorry, the doctor is in with another patient...
Superman and the Metal Men meet for the first time.
Check your math, I.Q.!
Metal Men vs. Chemos.
Whatever happened to the ozone layer?
And our friendly farewell:
Theme: "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" by Andy Sturmer.

Amalgam promo: Gene Hendricks; "Mechanized Trinity" by Nick Tzios.

Bonus clips from: "Superman Theme" by John Williams; "Metal Man Has Won His Wings" by Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart.

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