What a Card: Saavik

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. To represent Spock's funeral, we get one personnel card...

EXPANSION: The Motion Pictures

PICTURE: For me, the Kirstie Alley Saavik is a better choice than the Robin Curtis one, I'll tell you that upfront. Nothing against Miss Curtis, but Kirstie was the original, and the game text is definitely skewed towards her role in ST II. This happens to be her controversial tear-shedding at Spock's funeral, so it's an important moment. (CG work: a crewmate's shoulder was removed from the image.) It suffers from 80s poofy hair and a dull background, but there you go. A 3.4.

LORE: Some good stuff here, such as her relationship with Spock, and her fixation on rules and regulations (including the "by the book" code phrase used by her superiors). The subplot about the Kobayashi Maru scenario, both hers and Kirk's, is likewise acknowledged. I like what I read, and so a nice 3.6.

TREK SENSE: A helm (Navigation) Officer-in-training, Stellar Cartography would no doubt be part of her skill package even this early in her career. Vulcans are inherently good at Science, and in her case, will become her specialty by the time she becomes Robin Curtis ;-). Mindmeld goes on all (or most) Vulcans, of course. She's got the standard Fed Integrity, one of the good guys, but not afraid to question orders. Her Cunning is very high, which isn't unusual for her species. She did seem to be at the top of her class. Strength is likewise boosted by Vulcan physiology. That leaves the downloads. Both options are, as far as I'm concerned, conceptual in nature. The Referee card download is based on her knowledge of rules and regulations. Funny, but doesn't translate into Trek Sense (even if those cards did, which they often don't). The same can sort of be said of the Kobayashi Maru Scenario. The way it reads, she would have to be administering it to get the download. She was actually administered it. The downloads don't translate, but they're still conceptually fun. A 3.4.

STOCKABILITY: I'm not sure if her special downloads are that useful, since Referee icon cards can be downloaded via Q the Referee anyway, but you might need something on the same turn you brought up another Ref card. Or you could use the download for Kobayashi Maru Scenario, perhaps as a crew or Away Team starts an attempt, unaware that they'll have to put personnel under that incident. Saavik has to be there, of course, but if the plan is to ultimately stop your opponent, then swoop in to finish that mission (if possible), discarding their trapped personnel, and freeing your own (if relevant). Other than that, Saavik is a serviceable personnel with high attributes, 2 classifications, and fair skills for space missions. A Vulcan deck is quite doable within the CF theme, so there's a bunch of cards she can profit from there, including Fal-tor-pan, Live Long and Prosper, and the usual Death Grips, Nerve Pinches and Mindmelds. A minor point: She's cadet that can boost the backwards-compatible Valiant. Could be useful, but isn't necessarily so. A 3.5.

TOTAL: 13.9 (69.5%) we never did get a Robin Curtis version from Decipher.