What a Card: Kamarag

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. We now begin looking at cards from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home! There are 11 in all, and as usual, we're looking at them in order of the sequences they appear in. The movie begins on Kirk's in absentia court-martial, which gives us a key Klingon...

EXPANSION: The Motion Pictures

PICTURE: I'm a little disappointed actually. The costume has some impressive details, but the ambassador's small size in the frame strips him of presence. The background bringing out the powder blue of his jacket can't be helping either. I would have preferred a shot from ST VI, where the gray in his beard lent him a little more dignity. Here, can't go for more than 2.7.

We quickly go over his role, concentrating almost exclusively on what happened in ST IV (as a response to ST III). What I really like is the last part, which in a roundabout manner, tells us about ST VI's Khitomer peace talks (which he attended). The name is from the movie novelizations, but not very interesting. Sounds vaguely like "comrade", but I don't know if it's on purpose. Overall though, this is a wry, well written card. How about 3.6?

TREK SENSE: An Ambassador would be a VIP, yes, and Diplomacy would be key to his work. He quoted from interstellar law, so the Law skill also seems relevant. As for Archaeology... Maybe his attire prompted it (quite ornate), but I don't see that in any of his film appearances. It feels completely tacked on. His applause at the end of ST VI might have told us that he was open-minded and perhaps Honorable (hey, he wasn't one of the conspirators), but I'm not sure what else he could get. Integrity portrays him as a bit bloodthirsty, but still reasonable. Cunning and Strength are equally appropriate, showing a Klingon who uses his head more than his brawn in his line of work. Bah. Nothing to raise this effort above 2.5.

STOCKABILITY: At 3 skills and one of the least important classifications, Kamarag is neither a mission specialist nor support personnel, and neither is he skilled enough for non-CF decks. Law might save him, but a number of CF Klingons have it too. In fact, if you look at Colonel Worf, you'll find all three of these skills and more, not to mention much better attributes. That is not good news. Archaeology isn't a big Klingon priority, and Diplomacy is very common. Kamarag really needed a little more oomf, and he doesn't have it. I guess he's a more common Klingon Lawyer than the big guns like Col. Worf, Chancellor Gowron and Chang. Small comfort as I settle for a 2.

TOTAL: 10.8 (54%) No standing ovation here.