What If the Companion Was the Time Lord Addendum

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Last article published: 29 September 2016
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There are myriad quantum possibilities, whole universes existing just a molecular vibration away from our own, worlds where things are very different and others where they're almost the same. In what we call "Whoniverse-B", the Doctor's adventures are just a touch different...

Some time ago, we played around with a version of Whoniverse-B where actresses who in our world played the companions were actually cast as the DOCTOR, and we got all the way to Jenna Coleman replacing the 12th Doctor (track back). Who's next?

In this universe, the Doctor has always been a woman, but for the first time, our favorite Time Lord will be played by a male actor: Bradley Walsh! His take is an Edwardian detective (in other words, much closer to what has typically been done in Whoniverse-A) with outlandish facial hair. Which probably makes sense in terms of casting with him coming off Mister Marple Mysteries. His era is already over, and his performance - if not his era - was well received. A changing of the guard. Catherine Tate returns to the role for a few specials and then?
A stylish Millie Gibson takes over as the once more female Doctor-B, here seen with her companion played by Tanisha Gorey. A smart pair, you will agree. In our universe, we're used to the Doctor wearing long coats and the assistant wearing a mini-skirt. Millie's Doctor asks: Why not wear both?

What will her Doctor be like? Only time will tell. It always does...