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Last article published: 21 June 2021
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You can't keep a good franchise down, and because Mulder and Scully aren't named or even referred to in the title, Chris Carter could (and wants to) continue the show without Duchovny and Anderson. As indeed, the later seasons of the original run eventually had to. Now, no one really remembers the Doggett/Reyes episodes, do they? Nor the Lone Gunmen TV series, which was X-Files without the X-Files. So COULD a revival work without its two key stars? Think of this as a postscript to my complete reviews of the show (and its spin-offs).

After Seasons 10 and 11, Fox announced it was developing an animated series called X-Files: Albuquerque, which would have been a comedic look at Chris Carter's universe, starring rookie agents who didn't get the juiciest assignments. It was Lower Decks for the X-Files. Earlier this year, they confirmed they were not moving forward with it (gee, despite the success of Star Trek's Lower Decks). I would personally enjoy it, but perhaps comedy takes us too far from the reason the X-Files were a hit. It's hard to do creepy and chilling in a comedy cartoon.

But now, apparently, Ryan Coogler is working on a diversity-driven reboot of the series, which has potential. Coogler has the cred to make this happen and draw viewers in. But it's wayyyy too early to think there's much to this. It's akin to "such and such would like to play whatever character!" click bait. Or is "eyeing" a property more solid than "is interested in"? There's a reason I don't read entertainment news. Can't put a lot of stock into such items.

And you, X-Files fans? Are you interested in a revival, or does the show not work without Mulder and Scully? What's your opinion on franchising the FBI's basement office?


I finally started watching The X-Files during the Coy and Vance years. My first season was Doggett’s first season, because I felt the show had a good jumping on point. So I still remember Doggett and Reyes, but am often mocked for it. But c’mon… The T-1000 and Anabeth Gish?!!! Yes please!!
Michael May said…
As someone who legit enjoyed the Doggett/Reyes season, I'm cool with different characters. I imagine I'd enjoy a reboot more than a sequel though. Reset those conspiracies and covers-up so that we can enjoy fresh investigations.
Siskoid said…
Yeah, the original capital-A arc was extremely convoluted and appended with contradictory stuff as the show continued well beyond Carter's expectations. A reboot would do away with all that and perhaps build something a little more cohesive.
billjac said…
i've long thought the general public tuned in to the X-Files primarily for the Mulder/Sully relationship and movie quality production values (and occasional scripts), plus mild interest in spooks and a toleration of the conspiracy stuff. All the scholarly and critical analysis of what it meant that the public was into conspiracy theories missed the fact that they weren't really. Everything else that tried to tap that vein failed rapidly as did X-Files once they couldn't tap into the M/S dynamic. That’s my long-winded way of saying that a reboot is unlikely to work outside of need circles. Are we enough on our own? Expectations will probably be too high.

(By the way, long-time reader, very rare commenter. Thanks for keeping up the quality blogging over so many years!)
billjac said…
Nerd circles! Damn autocorrect!
Jesus said…
A reboot would be awesome but it is different times then when the original was airing. With different times there are different story lines needed to grab the attention of everyone. Conspiracy theories are nice but will not grab attention like they did 30 years ago. Alien life is good as well but will not grab attention exactly like it did 30 years ago. Alien life now is more understood that it is out there, just unknown as to why they will not just pull up and say hi. I think the greatest storyline to the original which may still be something that will grab attention now is the simple fact it had two people. Two people who had no connection in any way what so ever, two people that were entirely exact opposites. One who followed the science of everything and one who followed the imagination belief of everything. The original shows would alternate back and forth between the two sides showing each side work or fail. And through every tunnel or hurdle jumped the two opposite sides still controlled their differences and most of the time answered the question there was even if there was no answer for it. This is my own personal thoughts on a storyline that could be done, all of the different religion & beliefs there are in the world. How much or many of them are more man made then higher power made. Alien life's beliefs and/or religions. They may be similar if not the same as parts to what we have here on Earth. There may be a connection between all of us that humans know nothing about cause our intelligence is not as great as we believe it to be. Like I said though, that is just a storyline I have thought of and may not grab everyone else's attention.