One Panel #734-735: Captain Marvel Jr. First Issue!

From "The Origin of Captain Marvel, Jr. Retold" by Otto Binder and Al Carreno, Captain Marvel Jr. #1 (November 1942)

While Robin may have made young heroes blow up, Captain Marvel Jr. wasn't a sidekick like most of the pretenders to the throne, and became the first "kid" hero to get his own solo title. And indeed was NEVER a sidekick. No wonder he inspired Elvis. No team for him. It's unfortunate that Mac Raboy couldn't have kept up with the gruelling schedule of a four-story solo book, because he's such a key reason the strip was so popular and still has a modern sheen. To his credit, Carrano is quite good at recreating the same kind of poses. Freddie flies like a diver and is a lot more graceful than most superheroes.

From Captain Marvel, Jr.: "The Cripple Crimes" by Mac Raboy, Master Comics #32 (November 1942)

And that didn't mean he lost his spot in Master Comics! And THAT was still being drawn by Mac Raboy. Mmm, yes.