One Panel #736: EXTRA! EXTRA!

From "Their First Split-Up" by Otto Binder and Ken Bald, Bulletman #9 (November 1942)

The Daily Star of Earth-2 was the paper of record where Lois Lane and Clark Kent plied their trade. The Daily Star of Earth-S, well... More of gossip rag, isn't it? I mean, this is an Extra! Meaning that they felt strongly enough about this "news" to publish a bonus edition in the middle of the day.

In the story, Bulletman makes a crack about "male superiority" when a journalist implies he's going to write up one of their feats as his alone. Bulletgirl finds this hurtful and goes off on her own to prove she doesn't need him. The journalist runs off thinking he has the scoop of the century. Their competition ends up with them having to admit they really solved the case together and become a team again.

The Daily Star never published a retraction.