Star Trek #1642: Walk, Don't Run

CAPTAIN'S LOG: Tendi celebrates the 50th Anniversary of The Animated Series. Available on YouTube.

WHY WE LIKE IT: A nice tribute to TAS and Lower Decks both.

WHY WE DON'T: Needed Brent Spiner on vocals.

REVIEW: It's a case of the old cartoon talking to the new cartoon, with characters from both (plus Very Short Trek's Riker to represent the middle generation), and it's... a lot of fun, actually! At first you think it's just going to be the same joking scheme as Skin a Cat - TAS characters getting all bothered by common expressions. Though Tendi is being reverent to the precursor show, they take everything as a slight. This time, it doesn't go to butt stuff, and is rather amusing in the same way Strange New Worlds' Those Old Scientists was. Two eras just taking the piss out of one another, while at the same time promoting each other.

And then Sulu and Riker walk in with instruments (with Scotty on drums) and it turns into one of those silly YouTube videos where the characters look like they're dancing. The song is silly with lots of Oh myyyyyyys from George Takei and trippy acid backgrounds. That's our second official Star Trek musical this year! The voices aren't anything great except Noƫl Wells' (Tendi), and I'm unlikely to revisit it often, but it's a good way to pay tribute to TAS' enduring legacy - as a source for memes.

LESSON: No one likes to be reminded they're old.

It's fun for what it is, and maybe it'll help younger viewers discover The Animated Series.