What a Card: Admiral McCoy

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. Oh, you thought we were going to start seeing cards based on ST V: The Final Frontier? Well, no, not if we're going through Trek chronologically. The Next Generation started in between films 4 and 5! We get to abandon The Motion Pictures expansion we've mostly been dealing with and go way back to the Premiere Set and other, early expansions. The game was the ST: TNG CCG for a long time before it started hitting the rest of the franchise. In this case, the card links back to that earlier era, and also, is NOT from the Premiere Set, but rather an early premium product. That, and the review is quite short. One of my earliest from back in the Rolodex days. I may have no buff it up a little...

EXPANSION: The 2-Player Game

PICTURE: Ok, I know he doesn't get a lot of screentime, and he's pretty rubber-faced even there, but hey, it just doesn't look that great. All those grays. Close to average at 2.5.

LORE: Delicious! Just what the doctor ordered in fact. THIS is what lore can be when the design team is clever and shows a true love of the show. A 5, yes, a 5.

TREK SENSE: Very close to the show. The skills are dead on, with the boost to Cunning working his long experience into the game quite well. It's one of the attribute bonuses that actually makes a lot of Trek sense. Unfortunately, his OWN Cunning is way too low. It doesn't seem like he's supporting Medical personnel with his knowledge, but just as an inspiring presence. That said, TOS' moral center gets high Integrity, and he's a frail Strength 1 old man. As a retired Admiral, he's a VIP, but still knows his way around a ship enough to staff it (questionable?). Regardless, we have to give extra points for the unique skill of Cantankerousness. Great flavor and at the time, served no purpose. A 4.5.

STOCKABILITY: While the Strength of 1 can be a liability, the double-classification is always a plus, especially since VIPs got more useful over time. It's unfortunate that Cantankerousness doesn't have anything to do except help solve Reunion. And the extra Cunning for MEDICALs is fine, but what members of that class really need is a Strength boost to help them survive Away team battles. So, he's ok, but could be better. No more than a 3.1, I'm afraid.

TOTAL: 15.7 (78.5%) A respectable score for one of Starfleet's most respected officers.