What a Card: Door-Net

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. Farpoint introduces Q, so it's only natural it would have several cards from the Q-Continuum expansion...

EXPANSION: Q-Continuum

PICTURE: As good as the show's special effects allow it to be, or maybe I should say "as bad". Security guards trying to bust through a miniature Q-Net on the bridge. It doesn't even look like they're pushing! A dinky 0.9.

A line from medieval Q. Goes with the picture, and in an odd way, with the game text. we have to read more metaphorically. You "stay where you are" in the game, unable to advance because you've lost a key doorway. Simple and elegant. Verily, I give it a 3.4.

TREK SENSE: There's nothing Q can't do, so how can I blast any Q-card apart? It is certainly within his power to close any doorway in the game. Would he use a Net though? The small one pictured would fit over Ready Room Door, Battle Bridge Door and Airlock, and a larger Q-Net would readily close a Space/Time Portal, Bajoran Wormhole, and such, but why Net his own Tent? It's all a matter of effect though, as he could certainly shut off access to his "own" doorways (the Tent and Flash). But how is it YOUR choice? He might be testing you with a dilemma. The nullifiers don't hold up as much, but work in their own way. There are three ways to get rid of Door-Net: An AU Door (in another universe, Q never closed the doorway - passes the justification test, but not by much), 2 Diplomacy from hand (given that your hand is conceptually the game's future, it's odd that those personnel can affect the present - I do like the relationship with Q-Net's requirements, but this one's iffy) or any Q-Flash (Q gets bored and reopens the doorway). Q can do anything, but what can really stop Q? The card's fuzzy in that second regard... a 3.

STOCKABILITY: Fairly stockable in your Q-Continuum side-deck, actually. As one of many effects to hit an Away Team or crew, it's not powerful, but not the only thing that'll hit. And as long as your opponent has at least one Doorway in play, it'll hit. Killing an AU Door can limit reporting. Killing the Q-Flash protects you from this type of shenanigans. Killing Battle Bridge Door nerfs battles. Killing Q's Tent cuts your opponent off from his powerful and/or last-ditch defense cards. The list goes on and on as most doorways are worth playing. Either close the only one they have in play, or make them sweat by having to choose which one gets to close. Then, Revolving Door the other one! But the requirements to shut down Door-Net aren't very hard to muster, limiting its score to 3.2.

TOTAL: 10.5 (52.5%) The card so nice I'd do it twice... yeah, whatever ;-)