One Panel #752: And Now... Liberty Belle!

From "LIberty Belle" by Chuck Winter and Don Cameron, Boy Commandos #1 (December 1942)

Wonder Woman's success seems to have finally hit the bandwagon factory. On the stands in November 1942, we saw Mary Marvel's introduction last week, and THIS week, we get the first appearance of Liberty Belle!

I feel a little bad for the Boy Commandos that I've not featuring them in their first self-titled comic (spinning out of Detective Comics). It even includes a story in which Simon and Kirby have the Boys meet Sandman (crossovers being relatively rare in the Golden Age). But it wasn't their first appearance and I've featured them before. Libby - who would become an All-Star Squadron favorite in the 80s and still has a forward-moving legacy - is sort of an oddity here, as all other stories are Simon/Kirby Boy Commandos. And her first splash has her almost IN those comics, in a "War Is Hell!" tableau that clashes with her bright, hopeful costume. After a couple issues, she would jump over the Star-Spangled Comics, which would be her home until the end of the first superhero age in 1947!