What a Card: Tasha Yar

Being a look back at cards from the Star Trek CCG, and what I thought of them back when they were fresh and new... in EPISODE order. The regular crew of the Enterprise-D were pulled from all over the show's history, but Tasha's pic is from the pilot. I never got to this one in the original Rolodex, so it's going to be a new review...


PICTURE: Tasha is captured on the seldom-used battle bridge set, which is perfect for a tactical/security officer. Her stare and the movement in her hair speaks to some action, and the card is moodier than a lot of personnel taken from the brightly-lit Enterprise sets. Deserves a 4.

LORE: Many important bits, including her full name, rank, post and an efficient retelling of her back story. And of COURSE, it has to mention her dalliance with Data, in words that would be reprised in the franchise later, because they're so delicious. Going to go with 3.6 here.

TREK SENSE: Just two skills? Are we finally hitting a snag? She's only a lieutenant, so only a  Staff icon even if she leads (Leadership) the Security aboard the Enterprise-D. She has Honor, fair enough (one of her early showcases was an episode called "Code of Honor", which the game has wisely chosen to ignore in terms of sourcing cards). Annnnd that's it? It's a tough old world for Security personnel, and there just aren't very many skills associated with them. As someone who survived on a harsh world and at a young age is now in charge of the flagship's security, I think an extra Security would have been in order. She piloted a shuttle, at the very least, in All Good Things, so Navigation might have bolstered her stats. If the card had been made later, she would most certainly have had a special skill, probably to do with ship or personnel battle. Alas... As for the attributes, the Integrity goes with the Honor, though being quick to anger might have dropped it a touch. She's smart enough, though I don't know that the show provides evidence of a 7. High Strength goes with her line of work. You can tell Decipher felt bad about the skills, because the attributes feel generous. A disappointing (but understandable as the game stood in the Premiere Set) 1.8.

As the Federation got more and more personnel, Tasha became less and less useful. Tasha Yar-Alternate, from Yesterday's Enterprise, may need an AU door to get into play, but she's exactly the same PLUS a Phaser download. Why would you use the original Tasha instead? Well, Decipher answered that question by making 2-skill personnel "support personnel", and Assign Support Personnel makes her report directly to a ship, or with some discarding, downloads her directly to a ship or facility. En route reporting is good, but Tasha's skills are extremely common in the Federation, so that's not good. Strong attributes and SECURITY are perhaps better, but I'm afraid they didn't really rescue Tasha after all. Armus says she only gets a 2.

TOTAL: 11.4 (57%) - She didn't make it through one season, and she didn't make it to a passing grade here.