Who's Fire Jade?

Who's This? The Emerald Lady.

The facts: Lady Emerald was the leader of one of Gemworld's great houses (first appearing in Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld #4, August 1983). Corrupted by a demon, she became the sorceress Fire Jade, one of Amethyst's main enemies, until her death in Amethyst (2nd series) #8. She has never appeared in a non-Amethyst book.
How you could have heard of her: Maybe you're an Amethyst fan?
Example story: Amethyst #3 (March 1985) "Rebellion!" by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, Ric Estrada and Romeo Tanghal
Let me start off by saying I don't really know what's happening in this book, but it seems that Fire Jade - who people don't know is the former Lady Emerald, returned (possessed) from the dead - has convinced farmers to kill the despotic Lord Aquamarine, with the help of her enchantments. It seems a righteous cause, until Fire Jade goes Game of Thrones on the man's child bride and her infant.
But Amethyst and Princess Emerald ride to the rescue just in time to prevent such an abomination, a move other Gemstone leaders find controversial. Aquamarine was a terrible man, after all. But she has elemental magic equal to or greater than Amethyst's!
Not only does Jade disappear into the flames, but she creates flame-headed earth monsters to cover her tracks. Amethyst, for her part, isn't just a magic-user; she's a dual-class magic-user/fighter!
And maybe that's how she can defeat Fire Jade in the end. She certainly gets the better of the sorceress' soldiers (and turns them to her cause). But just then, the nearby volcano erupts, and from the lava...
Fire Jade is on a singularly nihilistic track and doesn't reveal that she's Princess Emerald's mother, but seems to pull her punches when she zaps her. Her mercenary pawn isn't so restrained however, and now siding with Amethyst, he plunges the very magic sword Fire Jade gave him into her chest!
She somehow survives this, but then, Lady Emerald is already dead. She's just following in the proud supervillain tradition of "they ain't dead if there's no body".

After all, someone with that great a headdress deserves more stories. Not MANY more, though.

Who's Next? A sneezy hero.