One Panel #768: Political Cartoons in the DCU

From Batman: "A Crime a Day" by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson and George Roussos, Detective Comics #71 (January 1943)

Why yes, if superheroes were real, they'd be caricatured in newspapers. (The lack of proper pictures of vigilantes like Batman might make it especially necessary.)

This is the first issue of Detective (or any Batman comic) to be edited by Jack Schiff, who would hold the reins of the Batman family for the next 25 years(!).


Charles Izemie said…
Hold the reins.

King Charles reigns in Canada. (Whether one likes it or not...)
The rider reins in his overly excited stallion. (Using the reins.)
My roof leaks, and it rains in. (My landlord is a tightwad.)

I'm sorry, Siskoid, I can't help myself. I'm one of nature's born pedants.

Mind you, the spelling has become so commonplace (folk etymology perhaps?) that whenever I see somebody writing "hold the reins" instead of "reigns", I know I've entered an academic discussion forum.
Siskoid said…
You mean I made a typo? Easily fixed.