FW Team-Up: Superman and Red Tornado

Bass and Siskoid's coverage of DC Comics Presents continues with issue #7 (March 1979) by Paul Levitz, Dick Dillin and Francisco Chiaramonte, starring Superman and the Red Tornado! It's "The Paralyzed Planet Peril!"

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Highlights from DC Comics Presents #7 by Paul Levitz, Dick Dillin and Francisco Chiaramonte:
Superman's a quick-waker-upper.
The Q-plan is on!
Red Tornado's best entrance ever.
Through the lens of Qwardian values:
Does Australia know about this?
Theme: "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" by Andy Sturmer.

Amalgam promo: Bass Levesque; "Twister" by Lynn Morris.

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Dick McGee said…
Considering his powers, Red Tornado really ought to be making terrifying entrances more often than he does. The guy makes tornadoes, for cripes' sake. We need a live action RT sequence with some real-life storm chasers footage blended in with the CGI. "Oops, sorry about about your houses, folks. And your cars. And throwing that cow into the next state over. I'm sure Wayne Industries will pick up the bill."

Also, not seeing any actual native Australians in that panel there, Clark, just descendents of colonizers. I suppose all Earth folks look alike to a Kryptonian, right?