DC Divas

So while riffling through my old Who's Whos in search of some cheap jokes, I noticed something about some of DC Comics' scantily clad fantasy women. Like the cat girl from Warlord... Shakira!
That name ring any bells? Looks like she could do the 4-point breast shake, doesn't it? But one character does not a pattern make. How about... Mariah?Yep, another sword-totting , half-naked fantasy babe with a name prefiguring that of a pop diva. Where next? Fantasy series were apparently popular back in the early 80s, but they aren't now. I say "apparently" because I never liked 'em, but between Warlord, Arak Son of Thunder and Arion Lord of Atlantis, somebody somewhere must've thought they were a good idea. Or did it take three series to stand up to Marvel's Conan?

Whatever. Maybe after the success of Lord of the Rings, it's time for DC to get back to the fantasy and the half-naked chicks? Or are they gonna wait to see if that Eregon stuff ruins it for all of us? Does that mean we shouldn't hold our collective breath for a sword-girl called Whitney or Pink or J-Lo?

Maybe it's really in the pop divas' corner. Somewhere, there's a little girl with an unlikely name and big dreams. And she's called, I dunno, Jennifer Morgan? Tara? Oh I know! VALDA! Her subtitle is already a legendary heavy metal band, after all!And just a piece of advice, Valda, wherever you are, practicing your voice: Make sure you wear a chainmail mini-skirt in one of your videos. I may just tune in to my local video channel for that.


PervyGamin said…
Oh my! I might have to collect some of these comics some time! Definetly some sexy heriones, here!